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Romeo Coffee Roaster Coffee Beans

Romeo Coffee Roaster Coffee Beans

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It’s my pleasure to offer you the fruits of our hard work. From our first Espresso Bar in Firenze 1987 to roasting the finest quality artisan coffee beans here in Melbourne since 1999. Grazie per il supporto.”

— Stefano Romeo

Stefano Romeo has been working with coffee since his early teens, setting up his first espresso bar alongside his brother in Florence 1987.

Grinders Coffee welcomed Stefano to Australia in 1993. During his five years with the now legendary Melbourne based coffee pioneers, Stefano saw the growth and evolution of his craft in Melbourne as the market flourished around him. Equipped with new world knowledge and experience Stefano then returned to Italy to reunite with his brother to embark on another chapter of growth and evolution.

Specialising in selecting, blending and roasting the finest coffee from all around the world, using new and old techniques to get the best and most consistent flavour out of each coffee region, is a hallmark of his renowned approach.



Arabica Malabar - A superb coffee, with a bold, thick and creamy body. Chocolate aroma with notes of mixed spices and nuts.

Brazil - Full body with medium acidity. Notes of ripe berries, walnuts and dark chocolate. A nutty and sweet aroma.

Cuba Serrano - Medium acidity with a full, rich body and Swiss cocoa finish.

Ethiopia Sidamo Blue Hore -A nice cup with delicate fruit and floral notes and caramel sweetness. Well-balanced with a clean aftertaste.

Decaf 100% Chemical Free Organic - Our Decaf undertakes a Mountain Water Process which is 100% guaranteed to be chemical-free. Our decaf extracts a rich crema containing a light body and a very coffee-like aftertaste.