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The Irrelevant Elephant and the Horse of Remorse

The Irrelevant Elephant and the Horse of Remorse

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An hilarious and delightful story for primary-school aged kids, symbolically exploring the theme of bringing both self-authenticity, and respect for others into collective situations and social engagement.

“…The day that all the trouble started
Was when elephant came to school and farted.
He farted on his classroom chair
On the very first day that he was there!
Quite loud it was, oh such a noise!
It frightened all the girls and boys.”

The Irrelevant Elephant faces a dilemma – he’s eaten a lot of vegetation, and now he really needs to fart! But the teacher and the other students at school don’t like this! How does an Irrelevant Elephant learn to be in the classroom without upsetting others, yet not hurting himself by holding in his wind all day?? Along comes the Horse of Remorse to give him some clues. In the end the Elephant finds a very creative and entertaining solution to channel his wind!

The Horse of Remorse in the book is secretly symbolising our inner conscience - that part of us that tells us right from wrong. Through connecting with the Horse of Remorse, the Irrelevant Elephant discovers a way to be in the classroom in a way that is true to himself, and beautiful for others too.