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Wooden Brooch Echidna

Wooden Brooch Echidna

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Spiky! This brooch is made from native Yarri timber salvaged from furniture making. Leftover pieces of wood are laser cut then printed with non-toxic, environmentally friendly water-based inks.

The varied grain of native Eucalyptus wood makes each piece unique.

Brooches are lightweight, and are fastened by a roller catch steel pin.

- Lightweight, Yarri (Swan River Blackbutt, Eucalyptus patens) timber,
- 34mm wide, 40mm high and approximately 3mm thick,
- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly water-based inks,
- Steel roller catch pin.

**The colours shown on your screen will probably look slightly different to the real-life colours of the jewellery.

**studio Nikulinsky eco-friendly botanical art jewellery.